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Rownd benchtop CNC lathe

Premium Membership

As our Kickstarter campaign approaches, we are launching our Premium Membership. 

Let's look at what you can expect from a Premium Membership.


Super Early Bird Price Guarantee

All Premium members will have the right to purchase the Rownd Lathe at the Super Early Bird price, even after Super Early Bird products have sold out.


Be the First to Know About All Developments

You will be the first to know about all developments before, during, and after the campaign. The orders of the first Premium Members will be delivered when the production is complete. You will receive your products approximately 6 months earlier than all other supporters.


Exclusive Gifts and Add-Ons

We will offer Precision Industries LLC. merchandise and add-ons such as exclusive cutter sets as special gifts to our Premium members.


Simulation Application that Allows Drawing

You will have 1 year of free access to our special simulation application, where you can draw and simulate your design as if you were playing a game. Your usage period will start after you enter the application, so you won't lose any rights.


Members-Only WhatsApp Chat Line


You can ask any questions you have, get information about developments, and benefit from technical services related to the machine. You can start using the consultancy line as soon as you become a member. This way, you can also get information about the manufacturing process and share your suggestions about the product.

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