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Rownd Desktop CNC Lathe - Gamepad Controller | Safe and Clean Machining

$6,550.00 Regular Price
$5,000.00Sale Price
Delivery until April 2024
  • Sturdy Aluminium Construction: The Rownd CNC Lathe bed is made of high-grade aluminum. Equipped with steel gears, this lathe machine is wear-resistant, sturdy, more accurate in rotation, and professional.

    Spindle motor power: 800 W

    Infinitely Variable Speed: The mini metal lathe with metal gears is driven with a powerful spindle motor and 4 different step motors. Variable Speed: 0-3000RPM. The LED screen shows you a clear and accurate speed for accurate working. Operate either manually or with the adjustable auto feed rate. Spindle Accuracy: 0.0004-0.0012" (0.01-0.03 mm)

    450 mm Large Swing Range: The Rownd CNC Lathe is equipped with a 3-jaw chuck. Swing Over Bed: 8-1/4" (125 mm) and Swing Over Cross Slide: 15-3/4" (450mm) offers more possibilities for large size or/and heavy workpieces.

    Automatic Tool Changer: Although it's a benchtop lathe, the Rownd CNC Lathe has a unique feature, called ATC. The machine changes the tools quickly when it's needed. It can achieve positions of internal cutting, face cutting, and bevel cutting by changing the tool post angle and adjusting the compound rest, moving blades freely with the feed rod. 4-Way turret tool post (3/8" max tool size).

    Supportive & Protective: Adjustable Soft start, change-over feature for clockwise or counter-clockwise spindle rotation. It also protects the machine and the user from a potential accident. Equipped with all-metal gears.

    Adjustable Tailstock: It also has a high precision tailstock with two tapered roller bearings. It works as end support ensuring chatter-free operation. Travel: compound rest 2-1/8" (54mm), cross slide 3" (76mm).

    The full-length splash guard provides max. protection: There is a telescopic shield to cover and protect the moving parts from dust and chips.

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